MaltaVista Affilliate Program

It’s a win-win: Earn money with MaltaVista!
It is a business partnership program based on a win-win model in which the people, who have been in Malta before and who know Malta well, can earn money by directing the ones in their environment wanting to get education in Malta to MaltaVista. MaltaVista - Mobil Kumbara

You can earn a minimum of 30 € per student and a maximum of 250 € per person by directing students to MaltaVista. The profit chart is as follows and there is no limit on the maximum earnings that can be earned. The more people you direct, the more you earn.

    1 - 4 weeks: 30 €
    5 - 8 weeks: 65 €
    9 - 23 weeks: 100 €
    24 - 52 weeks: 200 €
    Bachelor’s & Master’s Degree: 250 €

All you need to do is to be included in the MaltaVista Business Partner program for free, then send your information to the people in your environment who are willing to come to Malta and inform them with your personal experiences. And then, direct their contact information to us if they approve. Our consultants will provide you with the necessary support by dealing with the people you direct personally and will inform you about the developments as quickly as possible.

You have two alternatives to become a MaltaVista Affillate Program Partner.

1. Via MaltaVista.App Mobile Application: You can join our Affillate Program via MaltaVista.App mobile application. Download and Sign up for free. Click here for more detailed information about being a MaltaVista Affillate Program Partner.

2. Via MaltaVista.com: After signing up for our website via MaltaVista.com, you can join our partner program by following the directions that will come after it. Signing up for the website is free.
(This alternative is not yet actived, you can apply through the other alternative)

Note: In the directions that you make through Maltavista.App mobile application, you can earn extra 5€ per person regardless of whether or not the person you are directing is registered. For example, if you direct your 10 friends to us, whether they are registered or not, you will gain € 50 directly, even if they go to Malta or not. You can click here to get more detailed information on this topic.

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